Website ownership

The website is owned by PETACOLAR, LDA. (hereinafter referred to as “PRATACONCEPT”), a company with registered address at Rua Luísa Neto Jorge, nº 175, 5º Esquerdo, 4450-570 Leça da Palmeira, Matosinhos and with the Portuguese business registration number 508 037 069,

For any information on the website or on any of these General Conditions of Use and Contract (GCUC), please contact PRATACONCEPT through the following contacts:

  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Letter: Rua Luisa Neto Jorge, 175 – 5º Esq 4450-570 Leca da Palmeira, Matosinhos
  • Telephone: +351 919 355 777 – Opening Hours: from 9 am to 16 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Object and Scope of Application

The present General Conditions of Use and Contract (GCUC) are applicable to the website visitors, as well as to any commercial transactions made through the PRATACONCEPT Online virtual shop.

Surfing in the website and acquiring any product on the PRATACONCEPT Online virtual shop means that the present General Conditions of Use and Contract are accepted by the User and the Client.

PRATACONCEPT reserves the right to amend the present General Conditions of Use and Contract without any prior notice; in any case, every amendment will be published on the website.

Information on Contents

The production, transfer, distribution or storage of the website data, without prior written authorisation by PRATACONCEPT, is forbidden for purposes other than strictly personal use.

PRATACONCEPT reserves the right to change, at any time, the information and commercial proposal submitted on the following: products, prices, promotions and commercial conditions.

It is strictly forbidden to introduce any of the website links, regardless of the purpose intended, without prior authorisation grated by PRATACONCEPT. The use of the domain for abusive purposes and without prior authorization may lead to judicial means of enforcement by PRATACONCEPT. In case PRATACONCEPT finds links that permit the access to the website, in other websites, we inform that PRATACONCEPT will not be lead responsible for the page source, nor by its content.

Considerable efforts have been made to avoid any typographical errors on the information presented here and whenever that occurs, PRATACONCEPT will provide, as soon as possible, for the correction.

The photographs presented on the website are intended to be illustrative. Consequently, PRATACONCEPT recommends the Client to consult a detailed description of the product, in order to obtain the complete information on the individual characteristics.

All contractual information is written in Portuguese, as well as the information regarding the articles, e-mail communication and formalization of the sale.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

Every text, comment, work, illustration, projects and images reproduced or represented on the website are adequately protected by the intellectual property rights. Therefore and according to the Portuguese Code of Copyright and Related Rights, only personal use may be authorized, without prejudice of a more restrictive disposition under the Code. The reproduction or representation, in whole or in part, of the website or of the total or part of the elements present in the same is strictly forbidden, or the use of adequate legal means, against the person responsible, may ensue.

Business names, brand, as well as any distinctive signs reproduced on the website are protected under the terms of the legal provisions applicable to the industrial property. The reproduction or representation, in whole or in part of those distinctive signs is strictly forbidden and is subject to a prior written authorization from the respective holders.


Every Products traded on the website are in accordance with the Portuguese law.

PRATACONCEPT declines any responsibility for the infringement of national legislation of the country where the order is delivered. It is clients’ responsibility to check with the local authorities the import requirements or the application of the product which intends to order.

PRATACONCEPT is not responsible for any damage caused by interferences, interruptions, computer virus, malfunctions or operative system disconnections that may preclude, temporarily, the access, the navigation or the services supply to the Users.

Clients and users obligations

The Client and the User compromise to comply and respect the present General Conditions of Use and Contract, in particular:

  1. To restrain from introducing, store or spread through the website defamatory, obscene, offensive,  contents, xenophobic contents and/or of any other kind that disrespect the  general principals of law and the public order;
  2. To store and not spread the website access password, in order to avoid that third parties access the account on the website;
  3. Not to use false identities;
  4. To provide personal data and correct addresses, in order that PRATACONCEPT may correctly process online orders.


Therefore, users are strictly forbidden to transmit offensive, deceptive, defamatory or obscene messages or information or that disrespects, in any way, the right to privacy or third parties intellectual and industrial property, as well as the release of all information that may be harmful to third parties or the website holder.

PRATACONCEPT reserves the right to eliminate the user’s account that fulfils any of those situations.

The Client is responsible for the veracity of the data transmitted to PRATACONCEPT and undertakes to immediately enter on his Register Account any change to it.

PRATACONCEPT accepts no responsibility with regard to any possible delay or inability to process orders, specifically on the delivery, caused by an error or insufficiency of by the data communicated by the Client.

Privacy and personal data protection

We inform that, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, the processing of personal data collected on the website is PRATACONCEPT responsibility.

The data collected on the website are to be used on the orders processing and to communicate with the Clients, to handle information requests and possible claims, statistical analyses, as well as for direct marketing purposes.

PRATACONCEPT guarantees the confidentiality of all data supplied by clients. Although, PRATACONCEPT collects and treats the data safely, avoiding the loss and manipulation, using the most refined techniques for that purpose, we inform that the collection in an opened network, allows the spread of personal data without safety conditions, at the risk of being seen and used by unauthorized third parties.

All customers have the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their data. If the customer wishes, at any time, to have his information removed from PRATACONCEPT database, may exercise this right through the following ways:

  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Letter: Rua Luisa Neto Jorge, 175 – 5º Esq 4450-570 Leca da Palmeira, Matosinhos

The Client expressly authorizes PRATACONCEPT to send information on the Products that may be of his interest, using the personal data for direct marketing purposes, through any communication channel, specifically through the use of electronic mail, text messages, messenger or other ways of automatic call. PRATACONCEPT will not sell or otherwise share the clients’ personal information with any third parties.

Use of cookies by Prataconcept

Cookies are small text files sent by the sites visited and that stored in your computer. Those are broadly used for the operation of the websites, or to increase efficiency of those, as well as to provide information to the website holders.

PRATACONCEPT uses cookies to collect information on how the visitors use the site. We use the information to develop reports which help us to improve the website. The cookies collect information automatically, including the number of visitors, the sites from where they come and the pages they visited.

Visitors to our site use different web browsers and different computers. In order to ease to the maximum their researches, with the technology which is being used, we automatically take note of the type of research program (such as Internet Explorer, Netscape) and operating system (Windows, Macintosh) used by one visitor, as well as the domain name of the entity providing for the user’s internet service. We also collect the total number of visits to the website, collectively, in order to allow us to update it and improve it in a productive way; in this process, personally identifiable information are not extracted. Those data allow us to know if there are more visitors that prefer certain functions or areas, which contributes to maintain the site updated and appealing to the majority of the visitors.

Cookie technology helps us deliver content tailored to visitor’s interests. Sites that offer online shopping use cookies to remember and process the items in your shopping cart. Where appropriate under our disclosed practices and policies, we may associate personal information with a cookie file in such instances.

If you don’t want cookies, you can set your computer to warn you each time a cookie is being sent or turn off all cookies through your browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator). (Check your browser HELP menu to learn the correct way to change or update your cookies.) If you turn off all cookies, you may not be able to access all the above mentioned functions.

Through the definitions menu, most browsers allow you to control most of the cookies. To obtain a more detail information on cookies, including information on the cookies installed and how they may be managed and eliminated, please visit

If you do not want your visits to our website to be detected by Google Analytics, go to

Online purchase order

For purchase orders on the website it is necessary to register as a client, using the available online form. After the register, simply place on the virtual shopping cart all the items which intends to purchase. Every step needed for the purchase to be successfully finished shall be followed.

PRATACONCEPT gives information on the prices charged on the website are exclusive for PRATACONCEPT Online store and may vary from PRATACONCEPT physical stores. Every promotional campaign is limited to the existent stock and exclusive for online sales.

The validation of the purchase requests implies that the Client acknowledges and expressly accepts the present General Conditions of Use and Contract that are available for consultation at the website. The data registered by PRATACONCEPT provide evidence of the transactions between PRATACONCEPT and the Client. It is PRATACONCEPT responsibility to store the electronic documents in which the contract is formalized and to keep that information accessible.

When you finish your purchase, an automatic e-mail confirming your transaction will be received. In case the data is not correct, you may immediately ask for its amendment, or even, the cancellation of the purchase.

On the purchase of products traded on the website, PRATACONCEPT accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Payment reference
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

Product availability

PRATACONCEPT’s Online catalog of products is independent from the physical stores, at the price level and stock quantity. All the promotional campaigns have limited stock and are exclusive for the ecommerce shop.

PRATACONCEPT processes an order made by a Client only after the payment confirmation, wherefore PRATACONCEPT does not guarantees the availability of the items until the beginning of that processing. The expedition is made within 15 days of the payment confirmation, plus the transportation time, which depends on the chosen transport, as well as the order destination.

PRATACONCEPT dispatch of goods is only made on working days. Thus, weekends and holidays are not considered for the estimated delivery time. In any case, the estimated delivery time is only indicative.

Shipping costs

  • To Continental Portugal and Islands: € 3,50
  • Rest of Europe: € 4,50
  • Rest of the World: € 10,00

Cancelation and returns

The following conditions and terms are only applicable on purchases made on the website.

The Client may cancel the order, at any time, prior to the time the item is delivered and is entitled to reimbursement of the sums paid. From the date of the order reception by the Client, he may exercises his right of withdrawal in accordance with the law, as indicated below, in particular, Decree-Law n.º 24/2014, 14th February.

If the items are not paid within 4 days following the date on which it was ordered, causes an automatic cancellation.

In accordance with Decree-Law n.º 7/2004, 7th January (in line with the amendments introduced by Decree-Law n.º 62/2009, 10th March and by the Law n.º 46/2012, 29th August), concerning the electronic commerce, PRATACONCEPT reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the order whenever there is an programming error, any computer malfunction at PRATACONCEPT, as well as in case the commercial proposal is deformed and the error falls on essential elements of the contract.

The Client entitled to terminate the contract, without incurring in any cost, within 14 days following the day: (i) the Client or a third party indicated by him, that not the carrier, acquires the possession of the item or in case (ii) the Client or a third party indicated by him, that not the carrier, acquires the physical possession of the last item, as well as when the consumer that has ordered several items in a single order and the items are delivered separately.

So as to exercise his withdrawal right, the Client must communicate, through the contacts mentioned above in Condition 7, the intention to terminate the contract by means of a clear statement (e.g. letter delivered by mail or electronic mail).

If deemed convenient, the client has also the possibility to fill and by electronic submission to deliver the standard withdrawal form attached or to make any other unequivocal statement (please see final section of these Conditions) through the website. When using that possibility, PRATACONCEPT will communicate the Client within 24 hours, on a durable medium (e.g. electronic mail an acknowledgement of receipt of such a withdrawal).

So that the withdrawal period is respected, it is sufficient that the communication concerning the withdrawal is sent to PRATACONCEPT before the term of the resolution period.

In case of resolution of the present contract, all payments made by the client shall be reimbursed to him, including all delivery costs (except for the supplementary costs arising from the choice of dispatch mode different from the least costly option offered by PRATACONCEPT), without undue delay and, in any case, 14 days from the date PRATACONCEPT is informed of the Client’s decision to terminate the contract, at the latest.

PRATACONCEPT informs that the reimbursed may be withheld until the items are received back or until de Client presents proof of the delivery of the items, whichever occurs earlier.

The Client shall return the items, without undue delay and 14 days from the date he informed PRATACONCEPT of the decision to terminate the contract, at the latest. We shall consider that that requirement is fulfilled when the Client returns the items before the 14 days period ends.

The Client must bear the costs of the return in case he uses the right of withdrawn.

The returned items must be in good condition, in their original packaging, together with the invoice/receipt (original) that was delivered at the time of the purchase;

PRATACONCEPT does not accept returns of used items.

All items are checked when they arrive to our services and only those that fulfill the return conditions are accepted for return.


In accordance with Decree-Law n.º 67/2003,8th April and in line with the amendments introduced by Decree-Law n.º 84/2008, 21st May, all items traded on the website are have a 2-years warranty for the conformity of the item.

In case the item purchased has a deficiency, the client shall report the situation to PRATACONCEPT, give information on the order number and describe the defect. The return or collection costs of the items covered by warranty shall be borne directly by PRATACONCEPT.

After reception of the items at PRATACONCEPT facilities, a technical examination is made and in case of lack of conformity, the item is substituted. In that case, PRATACONCEPT will proceed with the replacement of the item and will deliver a new one to the client’s address at no additional cost to the Client.

In case the technical examination shows any sign of misuse and/or any other problem that may have caused the defect (e.g. drop, etc.), the Client will be contacted to specify if he wants the item to be repaired.

In case the items are outside of the warranty period, the Client may nevertheless want the item to be repaired; therefore he may send the deficient items to PRATACONCEPT. The items will be examined by PRATACONCEPT, a technical opinion will be issued, along with the repair budget. The repair will only be initiated in case of explicit acceptance of the budget by the Client.

Applicable law

All purchase made on the website shall be subject to the Portuguese law. Any conflict or disagreement in the interpretation of the General Conditions of Use and Contract shall be submitted to the competent Portuguese Court.

In case the Client is located outside of Continental Portugal, PRATACONCEPT informs that any judicial procedure must be forwarded to the Portuguese Courts.

The present General Conditions of Use and Contract were updated on the day 05/02/2018.


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